Kartell - "Diaporama"



Marcus Price & Carli - Bubbelgum from Tim Erem on Vimeo.
Directed by Tim Erem

Producer: Tim Erem
DoP: Johannes Helje
Focus Puller: Johan Hedelius
Production Manager: Calle Tidbeck
Set Design: Calle Tidbeck

Shot in France.



One more time...

Should this be a video blog, vis-a-vis, a non-vlog? we'll see...

Blah, Blah..

I get it, I know.  I'm just being lazy until I can think of something to write.  No, that's not true.  There are plenty of things I need to write about.  Like, all this mess that is going around in the new music/social/internet-o-sphere. We'll get there.  Most likely, however, we won't.  Ah, conundrums.  Thus is life.


I know, I know.


I know, I'm lazy this week.


Gnucci Banana

There's a nice interview on First Up about her.  Any more than that, and you're asking too much.  Shes an up and coming Swedish rapper.  She is married to the ever popular and charming South African electro specialist, Spoek Mathambo.  The story of their meeting goes something like he was running late for a show in NYC and they split a cab.  Boring and unromantic, I know.

Well, short post today. She released a single Saturday produced by Germany's own Schlachthofbronx which is a playful tune about, well, the name says it all.  And the cover art is a picture of the 'ol gal with her brother.  Thats not adorable.  It's ridiculous.  A video is expected soon.


No, it's not hipster Jesus. Well... maybe.

Breakbot is just another French electronic artist signed to Ed Banger Records (Ed Rec)  that you may not have heard of just yet.  `Breakbot has also released on labels Because Music and Moshi Moshi Records.

Write up from Moshi Moshi:
'Emerging electro wunderkid Breakbot crafts party tunes. Big ones. Following in the footsteps of French electro duo Justice. ParisianThibaut Berland a.k.a. Breakbot has mastered the art of melting together all the best elements of dance, electro and hip hop with skill and precision. And a laptop.

Born in 1981, Thibaut was immersed in the sights and sounds of the subsequent decade, and remained appropriately pulled between his love of animation graphics/comics, and music. He chose neither one clear path, nor another. Possessing a degree in computer graphics, and having created his first animation short film co-directed with two friends, Thibaut now makes music videos, commercials and such. By day. By night however, he cooks up choice cut electronic music, experimenting with beats, layers, keyboards, vocals, and Daft Punk-esque get-yo-funk-on basslines.'


The Tables are Round and my, how they have turned.

Round Table Knights, a DJ-duo hailing from Bern, Switzerland, are signed to Jesse Rose's hit-producing label: Made To Play (Also signed are friends Zombie Disco SquadOliver $Claude VonStroke and Idiotproof). Jazz, Carioca Funk and House influences combine for a heavy, bass driven melodies under fluid, brassy leads.  The end product is a DJ-friendly beat full of melodic repetitive interludes reminiscent of 
those found in salsa and samba. Think Brazilian Jazz (Tropicalia) meets House music.

A short excerpt from their Facebook biography drops some knowledge:

“We fell in love with House Music because it’s a very wide and open kind of music, you can put whatever influences in there. If you do it with your own style and with taste it’s a very good thing"